Superfast sensemaking and deliberation

An LLM-powered chatbot enabling groups to co-ordinate, reduce friction and move forward.

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Power your team with multiplayer AI


Setup conversations that lead to better decision-making

Utilize templates to have better conversations


Host diverse discussions across distributed teams

Integrate with your existing messaging app


Take control of discussions with confidence

Utilizing in-session controls

We help groups to connect, collaborate and move forward with speed.

Find consensus with your team

Engage every team member effortlessly. Harmonica synthesizes inputs and follows up intelligently, facilitating unified dialogue and aligned decisions.

Form new helpful habits

Establish productive habits with Harmonica. Seamlessly integrate retrospectives and SWOT analysis into your favorite messengers with ease.

Reconnect isolated teams

Break down silos in larger organizations. Harmonica schedules regular syncs and creates a safe space for all voices, empowering every team member.

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